Here is exactly what I did next…

#1 – I subscribed to a e-mail list building service. The one I use is called Aweber.

#2 – I created a small website where I could collect people’s e mail addresses from all over the world.

This small website is called a “squeeze page”.

Here is an example of one that I made:

This website took me about 20 minutes to make.  (I’ll show you how later)

#3 – I began creating YouTube videos where I teach people everything I know about fitness, strength and other things that help people reach their full potential.

This happens to be my favorite part of my “job”.

I LOVE creating new videos every week and helping people with my ideas.

The best part about this is since I have over 400 videos, YouTube now pays me a small amount of money each time someone watches one of my videos.

This won’t make me rich, but it’s about $1,000 per month.  Enough to pay my cell phone, internet, and electric bills!

The other thing that I do, that helps me earn much, MUCH more money is… I add a link to my “squeeze page” website to the bottom of each of video I create. This lets more people join my newsletter!

In my experience this is absolute best FREE way to get exposure for you ideas, teach others, and build your newsletter up.

Look, even if you don’t like being on camera you can still use this method.  (I’ll show you how later)

#4 –  I also like to invite people to join my Facebook Fanpage.

Since I don’t really love “blogging” I just invite people to join me on Facebook where I often post motivational ideas, pictures, videos and personal opinions on various ideas.

This is a powerful step because it allows people to get to “know” you better.

Of course, when you post controversial or challenging stuff some people will discover that there are things about you that they don’t like…. but that’s okay!

You’ll also find that there are people who will LOVE you and look forward to everything you post… these folks will become your biggest supporters and you’ll spend most of your time helping them, instead of trying to pacify or convert people who grow to dislike you.

(It takes a lot of courage to do this, but it’s one of your most powerful methods for building a brand and positioning yourself in front of  “the right” people for you.)

#5The final step is that you send out your e mail newsletter EVERY DAY.

I’ll usually e mail my list 4-7 days a week.

In these e mails I invite people to invest in one of my dozens of “homemade information products”.  (These are easy and FAST to make, and I’ll show you how later.)

It’s important that you contact your readers OFTEN.  In my experience, once a week is not enough!

But there is something very important you have to learn about e mailing everyday.

There is a method of writing called “Influential Writing”, that I learned from Dan Kennedy, that you’ll have to master.

Basically this means that you will write your e mails in a friendly, informative and entertaining way that makes people look forward to opening your daily e mails.

I once paid over $3,500 to learn how to use “Influential Writing” for my e mail newsletter…. but I want to teach you how to do this, for free :)

In fact, I want to show you everything I know about building an “online brand” and business where you can share your best ideas with thousands of people… and earn a living just like I do.

That is why I have created a brand new free program for you to join.

I call it “The 4th Layer Newsletter”.

The 4th Layer in my “Four Layers Of Strength” Philosophy is called “Presentable Strength”. (search my YouTube channel for a full description of The Four Layers Of Strength)

It means that we offer or “present” others with our best gifts… and we also encourage them to invest in our homemade books, DVDs, videos or suggest other books written by authors you know, like and trust.

You are now helping thousands of people, “changing the world”, AND earning a great living during a time when the economy is volatile and most people are living from paycheck to paycheck.

Anyway… my main business is strength and conditioning and personal development.  That’s what I love to talk about most.

But since I love helping people and know that there are many coaches, trainers, etc… that might benefit from my ideas about “internet business building”, I created this free newsletter.

Look, I am not interested in becoming an “internet guru” or anything.

I just want to share what I know with you.

If you’re serious about sharing your ideas with the world, and earning a good living at the same time, then I invite you to join below.

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Looking forward to your success :)

Growing Stronger,
Elliott Hulse