From The Laptop Of: Elliott Hulse
About: “Growing Stronger: In Mind & Muscle” (workshop with Elliott Hulse in Maine)

The only thing that brings me more pleasure than GROWING STRONGER, in the gym and in life, is sharing my experiences and ideas about HOW to become The Strongest Version of Ourselves with other hungry seekers!

That is why I am inviting 15 (ONLY 1 SEAT STILL AVAILABLE) of the most hard core “Strength Geeks” who live in the American North East to join me on Saturday, July 28th in Bangor Maine for a jam packed day of strength training, philosophy and fun with Elliott Hulse.

If you are reading this, then you already know how dedicated I am to the pursuit of strength. And you also know that my brand of strength consists of FOUR LAYERS. Physical Strength, Physiological Strength, Energetic Strength (formerly psychosomatic) and Presentable Strength.

Each of these layers builds on top of the others in order to help us become The Strongest Version Of Ourselves. One without the others, would leave us imbalanced and weak, from a holistic standpoint.

On July 28th I will be talking and teaching on TWO of these layers with you and 14 other serious strength students. (Physical & Energetic Strength)

Here is the itinerary…

9 am – “The Four Layers Of Strength” The Critical Mission Of Becoming The Stronger You!

10 am – Character Analysis: What Your Body Tells The World About YOU.

11 am – Dynamic Meditation (group exercise session) ** This is like NOTHING you’ve ever experienced. In fact, I introduced this exercise to a group of 60 at The Underground Strength Conference a weeks days ago and several people commented on how this experience dramatically changed their outlook on life. Be ready to be challenged mentally, emotionally and physically!**

12 – 2 pm – Lunch (included with your tuition)

2 – 5 pm – Barbell / Strongman / Gymnastics Training Session — What is a Growing Stronger weekend without some weight lifting? We will meet at a local gym where I’ll give some barbell, strongman and gymnastics training assessments and tutorials. ALSO, I will be talking about “Muscle Viruses” and other common muscle imbalances, as well as how to correct them… so, if you’re not into big lifting you’ll still get a ton from this session.

6 pm – Dinner & Social at an awesome restaurant / bar :) — I’ve got to be honest… a big part of my putting together this workshop weekend is to get to meet and know you a little better. I am grateful to have you as a customer, fan and fellow Strength Geeks and there is not better way for me to say “Thank You” than over a great meal and some drinks.

You Are Guaranteed To Reach Brand New
Layers Of Strength Through This Workshop!

What’s Going On? – 1 day “Growing Stronger: In Mind & Muscle” workshop with Elliott Hulse

When Is It? – Saturday July 28th from 9 AM – 6 PM

Where Is This? – In Bangor Maine. Since I live in Florida it is difficult for some of my Northerner supporters to attend my workshops. Bangor Maine is about a 7 hour drive from New York and 4 hours from Boston… If you can drive, you can get here… this is an opportunity that you will not want to miss! (hotel address, etc will be furnished after registration)

Who Is This For? – All Strength Geeks who want to learn more about Elliott’s “Energetic Strength” and “Physical Strength” training methods. You will be challenged on so many fronts that you WILL walk away from this weekend as a Stronger Version Of Yourself! Guaranteed.

How Much Is It? – Like I said, one of the main reasons for my putting this together is to finally meet you! So, I’ve done my best to make this super affordable. When you invest $197 you will get to attend the workshop AND all of your meals and drinks are covered for the entire day. And I LOVE to eat good food, so rest assured that we’ll be dining at a great restaurant and not some “lunch in a box” hole in the wall.

How Do I Register? – This workshop is limited to the first 15 people to register. Space is limited, so CLICK HERE to register today.

Remember, this workshop /weekend is limited to ONLY 15 PEOPLE. As soon as the last ticket is sold, this offer will be closed.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse