Are You Really The STRONGEST Version Of Yourself?
(The Answer Might Surprise You…)


From the desk of: Elliott Hulse
St. Petersburg, Florida

Dear Friend,

The famous psychologist Abraham Maslow once said, “The story of the human race is the story of men and women selling themselves short.”

What Maslow understood is that you, me and the majority of people living today could be far healthier, have better relationships, enjoy financial success, be better looking, more popular, powerful and happier than we currently are.

It really doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Are these people just luckier? Did they just get a fortunate break in life? Are they “blessed” — and you’re not?

Look, if you’re like most people you’ve had dreams of living an amazing life. You’ve imagined living in a beautiful home in a great neighborhood, having wonderful relationships with people you love, you drive a nice car that tells people you’re successful, you go on exotic and relaxing vacations, and you have a lean, healthy and attractive body that draws the attention of the opposite sex.

At one time you may have been considered “the cream of the crop”. If you played sports, used to workout, or perhaps back when you were single and without children and a career… it was all smooth sailing!

But the reality (and problem) is… that now you are overworked and underpaid, you hardly ever get a moment to yourself, you may struggle to develop and maintain healthy relationships, you may be out of shape or very overweight, and you may even feel that you don’t get the respect that you deserve for all of your hard efforts.

But the truth is…

You work hard, vote, pay your taxes, are faithful to your spouse, feed your kids and may even attend a place of worship on holidays. With all that you do, why can’t you seem to get ahead? Where does all the time go? If you only had a few more hours, a few more dollars, or a sexier looking wife (joke), things would start looking up… right?

Let face it, who has the time for “Personal Development” And “Feel-Good Gurus”?

Most of theses “gurus” would have you believe that all you need to do is think happy thoughts and all of your problems will magically disappear. Some would have you believe that joining their religious community or reading their holy books is all you need to live a happier life. I even met one lady that told me that shes played The Lotto every single week for over 20 years in search of her “lucky break”!

All of these folks are DEAD WRONG!

Common sense tells you that just thinking about it will never pay your bills! No matter how many churches you attend, no priest can say a prayer that will instantly dissolve your problems. Besides, how many “spiritual” people do you know that are broke, sick and sad? And if you are waiting for your “winning ticket”, you may end up wasting 20 years like the women I told you about.

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing that I hate more than listening to some know-it-all expert, Dr. Phil-type, sitting up on his high horse, telling me how to live my life!

Sure, I’m always looking for ways to improve my situation. Reading inspirational books, listening to CDs and speaking with mentors and people that I respect… but no one, and I mean NO ONE really understands ME.

And I know that you feel the same way!

If you have ever felt lonely or misunderstood. If you feel like no one understands your situation, let me share an upsetting story about my past…

I had no money to pay the mortgage or buy food.
And I almost sent my wife and 1 year-old daughter to live with
my parents… While I slept in my dented-up 1988 Ford Van.

I know what it feels like to have your hopes and dreams evaporate right before your very eyes as you sit there feeling handcuffed and hopeless.

All of my problems started in 2005 when I packed my young wife and 4 month old daughter into our rusy-old Ford Econoline Van, along with 12 black garbage bags that contained everything we owned, to Tampa Bay Florida.

While in Florida, working at a overbearing and emasculating corporation as a personal trainer, I bought a new home, and then quit my job and started my own (unsuccessful) business, all in the same month! — I was fed up with working for a company that I hated and wanted a better future for my family.

The next 3 years were agonizing. Every night I lay bed with my eyes wide opened, staring at the ceiling, worried about money. I had no time for friends, I spent such little time at home that my young daughter felt uncomfortable in my arms and cried for my wife, and my wife and I had put a screeching halt to any intimacy that we ever enjoyed. Our relationship had turned ice cold.

Then one day while at an industry conference in Atlanta Georgia, I was befriended an old jeweler from Wisconsin. He was about 58 years old, with slightly balding hair, he stood at 5’4 tall and spoke with a thick Russian accent. He wore a set of small framed glasses that sat at the tip of his nose, and he had a very old and artistically crafted wrist watch firmly wrapped around his hairy left wrist.

My new friend offered to buy me lunch at a small coffee shop, where he and I exchanged a deep and meaningful conversation about the secrets to leading a full, joyful, meaningful and passionate life.

Amongst several deeply important life principles, including how to build a strong character, taking full responsibility for your family, and cultivating a strong faith in God or a higher power… my mentor shared the most powerful life success secret that I’ve ever heard.

After exchanging a few passionate words about building deep and meaning friendships, a calming silence grew between my old friend and I.

He slowly grasped his cup of tea on the sides with both hands, brought the cup to his face and took a long, thoughtful sip… then he set it back down. As soon as the bottom of the cup touched the table, he reached out and put his strong, hairy right hand on top of mine and said, “Elliott, listen very closely to what I am about at to tell you… “

“Every strong and responsible man must thoughtfully choose The Values that he will use to shape his life. These Values must be his own, not forced upon him, and he must measure every challenge and opportunity against these Values in order to make confident decisions about the direction of his life and the people he loves.

In all of my days on Earth, I had never been exposed to the idea that I was in control of my life! According to my wise, old teacher, you and I have the power to choose to live our lives far beyond the fears and limitations forced upon us by others.

We are free to choose! — And it is our responsibility to build the internal strength and courage it takes to say ‘NO’ to the self limiting conditions of the mind, body and spirit, that most people harbor; and to build a personal character that brings us Financial Abundance, Passionate and Meaningful Relationships, and A Strong and Healthy Body!

On the flight back home to Tampa Bay I thought long and hard about the gift that was just shared with me. I then took out a pad and pen to jot down all of the guiding values that I would choose to build my life with. I arrived home with a list of over 47 different values that were important to me!

Then, after over 2 years of trial and error, horrific mistakes and incredible successes… including the growth of my family from 1 baby to 4 brilliant children, moving into our dream neighborhood, building two successful small-businesses that earn almost a half-million dollars a year, and becoming a Professional Strongman…

I narrowed the guiding principles of human life, down to The 6 Most Powerful Values for anyone interested in living a strong and happy life.

These 6 Carefully Chosen Values Principles Give You The Power To Move From Feeling Powerless, Handcuffed, Fearful And Lonely To…

financial abundence

Luckily, I kept a very detailed journal of my experiences, successes and failures throughout my entire transformation. As a coach by profession and a motivational teacher by nature, I wanted to keep records of my journey so that I could use it as a map to show my friends, family and clients how to navigate the path as I did. How to go from feeling hopeless and scared to being empowered, influential and strong!

Here is a cool story for you to better understand The 6 Strength & Wisdom Principles that I am about to share with you:

This guy falls in a hole while walking down a road – and he can’t get out.

First, a doctor walks by and the guy shouts up, ‘Can you help me out?’ The doctor writes a prescription, throws it down in the hole and moves on.

Then a priest comes along and the guy shouts up, ‘Father, I’m down in this hole can you help me out?’ The priest writes out a prayer, throws it down in the hole and moves on.

Then a friend walks by, ‘Hey, Joe, it’s me can you help me out?’ The friend immediately jumps in the hole.

Our guy says, ‘Are you stupid? Now we’re both down here!’ The friend says, ‘Yeah, but I’ve been down here before and I know the way out.’”

That friend… the guy that jumps in the hole with you, the one who has been in the same hole before and knows exactly how to get out, the one that you will listen to and trust because he shares the same failures and desires with you… is me.

Using the 6 Strength & Wisdom Principle that I discovered through out my experiences as a loser and now a winner, I literally created a Manifesto Of Strength! — A written statement and document that slams the door shut in the face of the mediocrity, conformity and fear that may be holding you back from becoming the Strongest Version of You!


“The Manifesto Of Strength”

6 Rebel Principles For Domination & Achievement In Life.

The First & Only Real World, No B.S. Personal Development System Designed To Give You The Power To Become The STRONGEST Version Of Yourself, In All Areas Of Life!  This is a practical manual that outlines The 6 Strength & Wisdom Principles for you to use as “the hammer and chisel” to carve your life into a magnificent masterpiece!

manifesto of strength elliott hulse

With the empowering words, methods and principles found in this manual you will gain the strength to…

* Confidently command a new Character Of STRENGTH in the presence of others.

* Become a trusted, admired and influential leader amongst your peers.

* Use your natural Animal Magnetism to command attention from members of the opposite sex.

* Build a Strong and Rugged body with an immune system that naturally defends itself against illness, germs and the chronic diseases of weakness.

* Earn 227% More Money by focusing your natural strengths, talents and passions to serve other people.

* Discover the #1 stressor that leads to poor sex drive, and destroy it!

* Construct a leaner more athletic body that resists injury and chronic pain.

* How to increase your sphere of influence by building a “Strong Tribe”.

* What 96.7% of people DO NOT KNOW about earning more money while working less hours. (this formula will make you more productive and efficient at everything)

* How to set your subconscious mind to automatically attract the best possible “life partner” (husband or wife) for you!

…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

You are going to be armed with the the power of The 6 Strength & Wisdom Principles, that transformed me from being a frustrated, confused and anxious boy… into a focused, creative and influential MAN!

Here is a quick summary of The 6 Principles:

*Your outer life is a mirror reflection of your inner life. You become what you think about most of the time.

*People will know and remember you by your character and the service you bring to the world… not what kind of car you drive, how much money you have stashed away or even by what you look like; all of these are irrelevant!

*Your body is the mirror that reflects your character and the greatness that God has placed in you. Keeping it fit, vibrant, vital and strong allows for the full expression of your spirit, intentions and goodness.

*A body poorly kept is like a dull and sullied mirror that has not the capacity to fully reflect the goodness that it’s intended to transpire.  It is like a broken instrument, a flute, from which The Greatest Musician wishes to manifest beautiful music but becomes frustrated with the unkempt condition He finds it in.

*You literally are what you eat. Every cell in your body is made of the raw materials of the food you’ve eaten. If you intend to be strong, vital and intelligent then you need strong, vital cells. To have strong vital cells, you’ve got to consume strong, vital food.

*We live in a time when most of our natural food sources are severely devitalized or polluted. There are plastics, pesticides, and a host of other chemical pollutants in our food sources. The animal products that we eat are highly contaminated as well. Processed food is in most cases not even food. Make it your concern to seek out high quality food sources for you and your tribe.

*You are a leader. You lead your friends, your co-workers, employees and most importantly your family. This “Tribe” has been given to you to serve… recognize who these people are and begin to serve them with the greatest of your passions, gifts and talents.

*As a leader, you lead from behind. Essentially making everyone that you lead the center of attention and the focus of your service. You’re not a leader to exalt yourself, you are a leader to build-up others.

*Work is a form or worship and should come in the form of good service to mankind. If you are in a business that causes more harm than good, then get out of it now! If you are in a business that you are not passionate about, then you are wasting your life and taking away from others… selfish.

*Every man, whether business owner or employee should be building leverage-able income streams (that earn money even when you are not working) to add to their current business or as a side project. This is to help you create more time and in turn focus your energies on the equal development of all 6 Strength & Wisdom Principles.

*All of the great leaders, profits and manifestations of God have intended for religion to be a source of unity, understanding and personal development. Our creator, whatever you choose to call him, shows us that living within the parameters of the natural world he created will makes us happy, vibrant, vital and useful.

*Theses parameters are evident in nature and the world around us. Also, there have been, and may still be today, great teachers who have experienced all (or much) that is perfect in living within God’s will and exactly how we too can experience this goodness.

Listen, if these principles resonate with you, then you’ve already committed to becoming “The Strongest Version Of YOU”.

I understand that not everyone will accept these principles as right and true for themselves, and that’s okay… because I am ONLY looking for a small percentage, a handful of passionate and creative men to join me on this mission for personal development and service to mankind.

A Mission To Become The Strongest Versions of Ourselves!

What I am talking about is fulfilling your true potential and living a life worth talking about. We all leave a legacy… but yours will be awesome! You will act as a light in a time of darkness and reveal the path of happy, joyful and resourceful living to everyone you meet.

THAT’s how powerful you are!

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*The 3 things that really piss me off and show me that someone is NOT ready to become their Strongest Version.

#5.6 Strength & Wisdom Principles Wallpaper ($15):

The 6 Strength & Wisdom Principles are like a guiding light when darkness abounds. There will be times when you are feeling confused and unsure about the direction of you life. The wall paper is meant to be a constant reminder to you about your true potential and your commitment to become The Strongest Version of You!


That is a total of $126 in Strength & Wisdom Material

Your’s FREE! (for a limited time)

Only $47


Look, my mother once told me that “a guarantee is a promise made to a fool!” But I understand that there are still some people that need to hear some sort of promise to feel good about taking action.

So, the bottom line here is that if you hate The Manifesto Of Strength and feel that it offers absolutely zero value to you, and you’d rather keep your 40 bucks for beer or tickets to the latest box office hit, instead of becoming the strongest version of yourself… then I’d be HAPPY to give you your money back!

In fact, it would be best for both of us if we just called off all deals and went out opposite ways. So, I’ll make it easy on you… just send an e mail to my assistant Kerry at support (@) within the next 60 days and she will instantly grant you your money back, no questions asked, no hard feelings… sound fair?

This Information Works —
If You Use It! (I’m Sure You Will)…

After years of mistakes and mishaps I have finally discovered how to become the STRONGEST version of myself. Earning all of the abundance, respect and admiration that every hard working man deserves. You can do the same if you follow these four simple steps:

Decide on a very specific goal for yourself, your life and legacy:

  1. Educate yourself. You must learn the best way to build a house before you start building. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time and effort.
  2. Plan and organize yourself. You must put all your great information into a system that you’re able to follow everyday.
  3. Carry out your plan. Follow your plan consistently, without fail, until you reach your goal. And by tracking your results along the way, you get motivation to keep on going.

You have no more excuses! You don’t have to “re-invent the wheel.” Just follow my path. You have nothing to lose and an incredible life to WIN!

Yours In Strength & Wisdom,

Elliott Hulse

PS – I’m not looking for a huge mass of followers – I’m looking for a small handful of winners who are sick of being fed a bunch of hype and BS and are willing to put in the honest hard work necessary to make their dreams a reality – people who simply need the right information, motivation and coaching to help make it happen.

If you’re one of those special people – one of the top 5% who are ready to make the commitment and willing put forth the effort – then come on board with me and order today.

PPS - How will tomorrow be any different… if you choose to do nothing, that’s your choice. And of course, you are free to choose. But remember the old saying, “same old equals same old”. If you look back 5, 10, 20 years from now and realize that you’ve wasted the little life that you’ve been given here on Earth because of NOT taking action… it is your fault.

I once heard it said that, “most of the things that people are regretful for when their life is coming to and end, is the things they DIDN’T do.” So, choose to take action and you’ll never say to yourself, “what if?”

Look, if you’re still wondering if this system will work for
you just read what my clients, customers and readers have
to say about me and The 6 Strength & Wisdom Principles:

(Actual Blog Comments From

elliott hulse blog

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